Joint Replacement Types

Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Overview
The hip joint is made up of a ball-and-socket. The socket is made of bone and cartilage, and the ball is the top of the thighbone, also known as the femoral head.
Hip replacement surgery is an operation used to replace the damaged ball-and-socket with new and durable artificial synthetic parts that mimic the ball-and-socket.
Sometimes, either the socket of the hip or the thighbone is injured or becomes diseased. This can result in pain, trouble with walking, or difficulty with everyday tasks. You may have already tried pain relief methods such as medications, physical therapy, supports, or braces. If the pain doesn’t subside, your doctor may recommend hip replacement surgery.
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Knee Joint Replacement

What is knee joint replacement?
Knee joint replacement is a procedure that involves replacing an injured or ailing knee with an artificial joint, or prosthesis.
The prosthesis is made of metal alloys, plastics, and polymers. It mimics the function of a knee. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), replacement knees can fit your needs and specifications. When selecting a prosthetic knee, your doctor will take into account your:
activity level
overall health
The procedure to remove your old knee and replace it with a prosthesis usually takes less than two hours, but recovery and rehabilitation can last months.
Another name for this procedure is knee arthroplasty. Knee replacements are a very common surgery. 
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Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement surgery involves removing damaged areas of your shoulder and replacing them with artificial parts. The procedure is performed to relieve pain and improve mobility.
You might need a shoulder replacement if you have severe arthritis or a fracture in your shoulder joint.

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